Please, take care of him

Dear his new girlfriend,

This morning, it felt like he was there
next to me
With no scars on his skin,
except that bigger one on his arm, from work
He is texting some to me
His messages is filled with panic
He wants you so much

And I beg you to take care of him
Kiss him at least ten times before you go to bed
Please, touch his hair
Hold him tight
Never let go

Make him feel loved
And respected

Don't hurt yourself with misunderstanding
just hold him tight
Listen to his words
Try to understand
Listen again
Trust him
And I beg you to take care of him,
Because he deserves all good that he can get.
I have put too many scars on his heart allready
Please, don't,
do the same thing
He is something pure
Filled with magic
Don' t destroy it.

He made me believe in unbounded love
Where every mistake could be fixed
He made me believe in that I could do everything that I wanted
And that I could follow my heart every day
He was my hero
Please, take care of him
And let him be yours
That is everything and the only thing that he is asking for
He is just trying his best
as always.


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